USGAA Insurance


Every registered USGAA player is provided supplemental injury insurance.

If your club needs a Certificate of Insurance (COI) for field rentals go HERE.


Coverage Levels

4 Important Policy Notes To Remember

  1. This insurance is primarily designed to be used as supplemental to your own personal health insurance. 
  2. You will still need to incur an out of pocket cost of $500 before it can activate (deductible) 
  3. Policy also includes $1,000 for prescription drugs, $1,000 for durable medical equipment and $50 per visit for physical therapy
  4. Your personal maximum coverage for an accident is $50,000
Download your full claims guide documents below!

Download the claim application below!

Making A Claim


Let your club and division know there's been an incident and that you'd like to make use of the insurance. Send them both the USGAA incident form
Complete and deliver your claim to the USGAA's insurance provider cc'ing your Divisional Insurance Officer. Double check all details are accurate and complete.
Use this handy claim guide presentation to double check you've filled everything out right and get in touch with the USGAA's insurance rep if you have any questions.
If you are a Medicare recipient or using USGAA insurance as your primary insurance, you will need to complete additional forms. The rep handling your claim will let you know if this is the case.