About The Southwest Division

The Southwest Division of the USGAA helps to administer Gaelic Games and support GAA clubs across Southern California, Arizona, Colorado, Mexico and Texas. Our mission to is grow inclusive, welcoming and sustainable Gaelic Games across our region and advocate on our club’s behalf at national level. Our board is volunteer driven and elected every year by member clubs all across the division.

2024 Division Officers 

Michael Schaefer, Chairman – Chairperson.southwest.usa@gaa.ie

Dina Canlas, Vice Chairman – Vicechairperson.southwest.usa@gaa.ie

Chris King, Secretary – Secretary.southwest.usa@gaa.ie

Jamie Haskell, Treasurer – Treasurer.southwest.usa@gaa.ie

Taylor Jensen, Registrar – Registrar.southwest.usa@gaa.ie

Rich Fahy, PRO – Pro.southwest.usa@gaa.ie

Kyle Cottengim, Youth Officer – Youthofficer.southwest.usa@gaa.ie

Wendy LeVine, Liaison